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Enterprise Architect

Developer Sparx Systems

Enterprise Architect is a high performance modeling, visualization and design platform based on the ...

Hourly Analysis Program

Developer National Institute of Building Sciences

Hourly Analysis Program is a system design tool and an energy simulation tool in one package. The HAP's ...

IP Video System Design Tool

Developer JVSG

IP Video System Design Tool offers a new way to design modern video surveillance systems quickly and easily. Main features: - Calculate ...

astah professional

Developer Change Vision

Astah Professional is a system design tool that supports UML (Unified Modeling Language) 2.x (partly), UML1.4 ...

GUI Design Studio Pro

Developer Caretta Software Ltd.

GUI Design Studio is a code-free, drag and drop user interface design and prototyping tool for creators of Web, Desktop, Mobile ...

Xara Web Designer MX Premium

Developer Xara Group Limited

Xara Web Designer MX Premium is a WYSIWYG web design tool. It is an easy template based solution that gives you ...

CCTV Design Tool

Developer JVSG

This tool is built specially for people who don’t have time to calculate trigonometry functions but who wants to design a perfect CCTV system. ...

Panduit Design Tool for Visio

Developer Panduit Corp.

Panduit Design Tool for Visio is a free add-in designed to work with the Visio 2013 application. The program includes all current Panduit Visio ...


Developer Linear Technology

The LTpowerCAD design tool is a Microsoft Excel based power supply design tool program that can ...

ImageSkill BackgroundRemover_Demo

Developer ImageSkill

This is definitely a powerful tool for those who are intending to change the background of any kind of ...

Data 7 Embroidery Design Conversion Tool

Developer Data 7 Consultancy

The Data 7 Embroidery Design Conversion Tool's main features are the fast conversion engine, the design browser and the quick draw ...

Design Intent Tool

Developer Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Design Intent Tool is a new and useful software for your computers. An easy to use software that you can get it for free. The Tool helps ...

Sampling Design Tool

Developer Center for Coastal Monitoring and Assessment

The Biogeography Branch’s Sampling Design Tool for ArcGIS provides users a means to efficiently sample a population, be it ...

Network Design Tool

Developer Network Design Tool

SolarEdge Site Design Tool

Developer SolarEdge

The SolarEdge Site Designer assists in designing the optimal SolarEdge installation for a given installation size. ...